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There are farmers preserving local breeds, who care about the well-being of their animals, who take care of the lands they live and work on, who know that behind high-quality food there is good agriculture and animal husbandry practiced with respect.

In the last 70 years, industrial animal farming has threatened their existence, as a production model which pollutes aquifers, depletes the soil, makes animals suffer, reduces biodiversity, wastes large amounts of water, provides low-quality meat, and tears down forests has become dominant. The consequences have been devastating.

This Terra Madre forum gives space to small-scale farmers from around the world to share their experiences, learn, share their vision, and show that a better, more respectful animal farming is possible.

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  • Björk Bjarnadóttir, Iceland, specialist in environmental science,  she lives and works at Brennholt farm, in Mosfellsdalur, where she raises the Landnámshæna, a traditional Icelandic chicken breed. She’s also part of the Slow Food Presidium set up to help protect the breed.
  • Stefano Chellini, Italy, agronomist and President of the Monte di Capernado cooperative in Davagna, Vice-President of AIAB Liguri. He raises Limousine breed cows and Cinta Senese breed pigs semi-wild and with organic certification.
  • Christian Aguerre, France, farmer of the Basque pig breed, Kintoa, and coordinator of the Slow Food Presidium producers who preserve and promote this native breed. He also raises egg-laying hens on pasture, cultivates Grand Roux Maize and Basque Country and Seignanx Mild Chili (Slow Food Presidium).

Moderator: Jacopo Goracci, Italy, farmer and director o  Tenuta di Paganico. He’s the coordinator of the Slow Food Presidium for the Maremma cattle breed and collaborates with Slow Food on the Slow Meat campaign.   

This event is free and open to all: reservation required.

Cover image: Alberto Peroli / Archivio Slow Food


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°816172″ (Art. 29.4 of the Grant Agreement)

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