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Seed selection is an important practice which allows us to preserve biodiversity and increase the resilience of plants to external stresses over time.

But the process of seed selection requires a lot of care and attention-to-detail in order to achieve the desired results, as well as good observational capacities regarding plants and their behavior. From the ecovillage of La Casa Rotta (The Broken House) Stefano Vegetabile shows us how to select dry seeds – like those we find with spinach or legumes –, wet seeds – for example in tomatoes – and moist seeds – as we find in pumpkin, peppers or zucchini.

This video demonstrates how to practice therapeutic seed selection, which will improve the results you achieve in your own vegetable patch! And remember: creating situations of stress for the plants is important for generating more resilient seeds, whether to drought, stagnant water or pathogens. Take notes on the characteristics of your seeds, too: the varieties, harvesting time and the behavior that you’ve observed. Then store your seeds in a dry and preferably dark place to avoid them germinating. Last but not least, thank your plants! They’re giving us an important part of themselves, so gratitude is in order!

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