Saint Nicholas fish soup

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Many gastronomic traditions have religious origins. They may be dishes associated with feasts, to celebrate the most important moments of the year, saints’ days or other venerated figures. Among the most well-known in Western Europe is Saint Nicholas, a saint of the Catholic and Orthodox churches and other Christian denominations.

Saint Nicholas is the protagonist in several legends of miracles that help the poor and defrauded. And perhaps this is the reason for his popularity. In Viridin, Bulgaria, every December 6 they celebrate Saint Nicholas with religious rituals and a recipe to be shared: it’s a fish soup called “kurban”, which means sacrifice or offering. It’s made with freshwater fish from rivers, they are different types of carp or zander that may be used, grilled and then boiled in a broth made with the heads and tails of the fish, together with grilled vegetables.

Once ready, the soup is taken to the river port at Viridin, and shared among the people as a common meal, with much dancing and flowers. This too, is part of the recipe: conviviality.

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