Road to mountains: Sardinian shepherd’s flower Slow Food Presidium

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Trento, Italy

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April 22nd at 21:00 in your time zone

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In the heart of the Alpine valleys, in the Apennines, in the mountains of southern Italy and on the islands, different communities are resisting in the Highlands.

They have devised strategies to deal with common problems: abandonment, wilderness, loss of memory and of the value of food, the centrality of cities and valley floors. Guardians of the landscape, defenders of memory, they have transformed the mountains into a place of opportunity. The first round of the Forum will include meetings with some of the key players in mountain agriculture, producers of Slow Food Presidia. The aim is to set up a permanent meeting point for the players in the Highlands, a breeding ground for encounters and comparisons, exchanges of ideas, a detonator of synergies. This event will present the Slow Food Sardinian Flower Presidium.

Free event organised by the Slow Food Adige Valley Alto Garda Convivium.

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