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Salmon are magical creatures that uniquely connect ocean and land through their incredible lifecycle.

Salmon are born in cool fresh water streams, migrate through river basins to the oceans where they transform into salt water fish. Upon reaching adulthood, salmon set-out on an epic trek back up their home watershed to spawn and die. The salmon “run” feeds the entire ecosystem as wildlife and human communities feast on this bountiful seasonal migration. Even in death, the nutrient dense decaying salmon replenish the fertility of the entire river basin.  However, human activity has put this species at grave risk.  Wild salmon runs throughout the rivers of the Northern Hemisphere have drastically declined or completely disappeared in the past 50 years, except for the the pristine rivers that feed Bristol Bay, Alaska. This program will delve into efforts to preserve Bristol Bay and restore wild salmon to the rivers of the world.

Moderator: Gary Granata, PhD is the host of Rivers Connect the World and creator of Vanishing Foodways, an ongoing adventure to explore, collect and share stories of food systems along the river basins of the world. Gary is the former Chair of Slow Food New Orleans and now resides at Granata Woods, a permaculture food forest near his hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


  • Pauline Terbasket is a proud Syilx woman, member of the Syilx Okanagan Nation, and Executive Director of the Okanagan Nation Alliance.
  • Sally Barnes is a self-sustaining traditional smoke-curer of wild fish. She established Woodcock Smokery in 1979 where she continues these traditional practices and also shares them via masterclasses and tastings in Castletown, West Cork, Ireland.

Access to the event is free, but must be booked in advance. Once registered, you will receive the link to participate to the event.

This forum was made possible by the support of the Lighthouse Foundation and forms part of Rivers Connect the World curated by Dr. Gary Granata, member of Slow Food New Orleans and founder of Vanishing Foodways, a project to explore, collect and share stories of traditional food systems and cultures along the river basins and coastal regions of the world.

For more info contact garygranata@icloud.com and p.barbeito@slowfood.it.

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