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Faridabad, India

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December 15th at 09:50 in your time zone

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As part of an environmental education initiative and in support of the Slow Food movement festival (Terra Madre 2020), we will be showcasing regional Indian recipes from the states of Orissa and Kerala.

The event will be attended by:

  • Amitasha N Mishra, who will share how to make Dalma using her mother’s recipe.
  • Bincy Mary George, who will share how to make Elayappam (Steamed Banana Leaf Pancake) and Puzhukku (Boiled Greater Yam and Yub).

The regional relevance of these recipes in relation to the state’s relief features, climate concerns and eating rituals will also be discussed. The aim of the event is to preserve the knowledge of India’s food biodiversity and encourage students to explore regional food and stories.

Free digital event reserved to the students of the Shriram Millennium School. Click here to download the poster of the event. Event organized by the Shriram Millennium School, Faridabad, India. Event part of the programme of Terra Madre World.

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