Raising the Esmeraldas Blue Crab

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The Blue Crab of Ecuador is  land crab with a sky-blue carapace, orange belly and ten red legs.

It feeds on mangrove leaves and other surrounding vegetation. According to tradition, the crabs are caught by local families during the night, using wooden traps. They are then taken home and fed foods like plantain, sugar cane and coconut, which gives the meat a special flavor and takes away its bitterness.  The crabs are usually sold in palm-fiber baskets. They are essential to the local gastronomy, their white, tender flesh used in numerous local recipes.

The difficult socio-economic context hinders the opening of local market access for the crab. The Slow Food Presidium for the Esmeraldas Blue Crab aims to contribute to the improvement of the local economy, diversifying marketing opportunities, establishing links with the coastal tourist industry and incentivizing direct contact between producers and urban consumers. Nancy Bedón, President of UOCE – Unión Organizaciones Campesinas de Esmeraldas, Manuel Guzman and Jefferson Palacios tell about the experience of the Presidium.

How It’s Made is a new format for Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2020. They are accessible for free on this site! 

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