Food and culture at high altitude, a tribute to diversity, with Pía León & Malena Martínez

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The kitchen has a lot to contribute when we’re trying to tell the story of ecosystems at different altitudes. 

When we think of the mountains, we may make the mistake of simply thinking of them as being “up there”, without considering the layers of diversity they hold at different altitudes, as Pía León and Malena Martínez of Peru explain. 

Peru is a land of extraordinary biodiversity at wildly different altitudes. From 3500 to 4000 meters we find tubers, potatoes, olluco, leaves and roots. Corn proliferates between 2500 and 2800 meters, while cacao grows best at a lower altitude, which is, at the same time, the highest reaches of the jungle. The kitchen can bring this wealth together in a unique experience that, beyond the diversity of foods, represents a diversity of cultures too. 

Pía León is a chef and director, together with her husband, of the restaurants Central and Mil in Lima and of Bar Mayo in Barranco, all focused on Peruvian gastronomic culture. In 2018 Pia was nominated as best woman chef in Latin America for her project Kjolle. She is also the Culinary Director of Mater Iniciativa, the food research workshop of the Central restaurant. Malena Martínez is the Director of Mater Iniciativa. She has spoken about the evolution of the project at #50BestTalks Latin America: United By Food, in Bogota. 

The Food Talks are new and freely accessible format of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto: ten minutes for our guests to explore their thoughts on the world we live in, and the future we want for it. The full episode with Pía León and Malena Martínez will be released on December 3.

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