Olive oil biscuits and ja’deh

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Olive oil biscuits and ja’deh. The role of women in the preservation and passing on of gastronomic traditions has always been fundamental, as has their ancestral role in feeding and healing through food.

In Anzah, a tranquil town in Palestine surrounded by olive groves, the role of women has been and continues to be fundamental in the preservation of traditional recipes and techniques. From olive oil biscuits, that are a mainstay of the harvest period and the winter, to Ja’deh, a nutritious and healthy dish cooked with all the products of the vegetable garden.

As in the rest of the world, in Palestine too there are lots of traditions that are at risk of being lost as lifestyles change and people live less closely with the land. But luckily there are women like Na’imah Ahmad Sadaqa and Bassima Sabri Atiani who are safeguarding the traditions, and the flavors, of Anzah.

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