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Neapolitan coffee pot

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Torino, Italy

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November 27th at 12:30 in your time zone

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Locally known as the cuccuma or cuccumella, the Neapolitan flip coffee pot was invented in France, but became so beloved by the Neapolitans that it took on a life of its own there, being reproduced in different shapes and sizes.

It’s one of the most widely-known methods of making coffee in Italy to this day, especially in the region around Naples. And to make a proper Neapolitan coffee, you need to pay attention to how you grind your coffee beans, and how much to use, the water, the time necessary to heat it and for the coffee to filter. Above all, you need one of these special coffee pots, the cuccuma, an object from a different era, when coffee was a slow process, not a quick fix.

The resulting coffee from a Neapolitan pot is less intense than a machine-made espresso or a Moka stove pot, but from the point of aroma and subtlety, it’s without equals.

How It’s Made is a new format for Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2020. They are accessible for free on this site! This How it’s made is produced by Lavazza

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