Monpiër Wooden Beers paired with Italian Cold Cuts

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Palermo, Italy

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January 19th at 18:00 in your time zone

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The cycle of seminars proposes a technical and informative meeting between students and operators in the food and beverage sector.

Businesses, operators in the sector and the Slow Food Community of the neighbourhood shops will carry out informative and demonstrative activities and will address topics of interest in the field of food and beverage production (beer and wine) with specific reference to Food Technology, Sensory Analysis and food/beer and food/wine pairing techniques. The event “Abbina-menti: l’Arte del Sapore” will consist of two tranches: -The first cycle of seminars will consist of five days featuring beer and its various food pairings.

The cycle of meetings is organised by the SAAF Department – Agri-food Sciences and Technologies in partnership with Gastronomia Armetta, the Slow Food Community of Neighbourhood Shops, in collaboration with operators in the Food&Beverage sector and the Agrum University Association, with the organisational coordination of Dr Mauro Ricci.

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