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A webinar that explores and compares the health, environmental and food systems impacts of plant-based proteins and cell-based meats.  

Retail and restaurant data confirm that consumers are increasingly interested in swapping out meat for plant-based options for reasons of health and sustainability. Food companies are quickly responding with a myriad of new products, while supermarkets make more room on the shelves. In fact, U.S. retail sales of plant-based foods grew 11.4% in 2019 to a record $5 billion (Good Food Institute).

These products, often marketed as better for health, the environment or animal welfare offer consumers an easy swap; however, research indicates that these products have varying impacts on public health and sustainability indicators. Absent from much of this conversation is the humble bean. Beans and legumes have long been an alternative to meat-heavy meals, and offer many benefits beyond protein, from lowering the risk of chronic disease for consumers to improving the soils in which they grow.

During this webinar, we will highlight a 2020 paper by The Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future (CLF) that reviewed the current knowledge of the public health impacts of both processed plant-based meat substitutes and cell-based meats. We will follow with a presentation on the role of legumes in public health and sustainability, as well as barriers to scaling up bean consumption globally. We’ll finish with a discussion on how practitioners can help consumers incorporate more plant-based proteins and a mouth-watering food demo by a Slow Food Chef.

The event is hosted by Terra Madre and organized by Meatless Monday. For more information on the the speakers and their speeches, click here.

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