Meat: Loin steak with vegetable breading

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Artusi conducted advocacy campaigns long before they were fashionable. Just read some of his tips on choosing ingredients, or his motto that’s just as valid today as when he wrote it more than 100 years ago: “take food from the two kingdoms of nature in a measured fashion.”

Artusi wasn’t a vegetarian, nor was his cookbook. However, his advice regarding moderation is pure Slow Meat. Though the great environmental questions of our age were yet to be asked in his time, the gastronome implies that excessive consumption is unwise, and that we should vary our ingredients, and know how to measure them correctly. As well, of course, as knowing how to choose high-quality ingredients. This guarantees that, even if you’re not a professional cook, you can create delicious and healthy dishes. So, regarding meat: choose it well, learn about where it comes from, how the animals were raised, and don’t eat too much of it.

Today’s recipe is very simple; anyone can make it! A good cut of meat – in this case a loin steak –, lots of finely cut vegetables and aromatic herbs, and breadcrumbs. A drizzle of oil, and you’re on your way.

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