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Max Casacci and Mariasole Bianco, Oceanbreath

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“I am the ocean. Saltwater is the most common version of water on Earth, as I represent 97% of the entire hydrosphere. Within it are contained, perhaps in very small amounts, or only in traces, almost every known element, including precious ones like gold. It is the presence of sodium (in the form of chloride, the common table salt), magnesium, calcium, potassium and chlorine, up to about 35 grams per liter, that makes it salty. That’s why you can’t drink it. In depth, the salinity is more or less constant in all parts of the world, while on the surface it presents considerable differences, in relation to places – for example – or to the seasons, since much depends also on the temperature. Which is not the same everywhere.”

“I am important to the climate, almost crucial. I am the most important reservoir of carbon dioxide: I can store enormous quantities of it, taking it away from the atmosphere and making it available to billions of tiny organisms, which use it to build skeletons and reefs. As long as I do this, the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere will not increase exponentially.
58 exponentially. But we are at the limit: in a short time I will no longer be able to store carbon and this equilibrium, which has lasted for millions of years, will break down”.

On the occasion of World Water Day, Terra Madre brings you a dialogue on the theme of salt water, and the sounds of the oceans. With:

– Max Casacci, lifelong citizen, musician and leader of Subsonica
– And Mariasole Bianco, marine biologist and popular science expert with a great passion for the sea and its protection.

Moderator: Paula Barbeito, coordinator of the Slow Fish campaign.

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