Mangroves: more than a forest, a breath of life where rivers transform into sea

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Mangroves are found in tropical and subtropical areas of the planet.

The nobility of nature is reflected in this ecosystem and gives us a landscape of trusses of roots where the life of fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and other species is sheltered. Considered by the United Nations as one of the most productive ecosystems in the world, mangroves support the diversity of the oceans, the food sovereignty of coastal populations and the security of these territories against climatic phenomena. However, these ecosystems are being threatened by the implementation and expansion of extractive industries such as industrial shrimp aquaculture or large-scale tourism.

In this forum we will hear stories of resistance and insurgency from the perspective of fisherwomen, shellfish gatherers and researchers who live in the mangrove and fight united for their defense. 

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Silvia Quevedo (Honduras), expert in reforestin and mangrove monitoring. She works to strengthen womens’ communities that gather shellfish. She participates in awareness-raising activities around the environment in local schools.

Fanny Aguayo (Peru), President of C-Condem Peru, as well being a fisher in the estuaries of the mangroves of Puerto Peru. She has represented Latin American women in several international conferences regarding small-scale fishing.

Patricia Ocampo (Mexico), marine biologist at the University of Valle (Colombia), she has more than 20 years of experience working with government agencies, universities, intergovernmental organizations and local and international NGOs.

Moderator: Patricia Ocampo

This forum is realized with the contribution of the European Union, Slow Fish Caribe project.

How can I not want you to be my land, if you are my blood, my memory, my sense?

I am proud to be a woman of the mangrove, a woman of the shell, a woman of a hundred loves

who kneads the mud with her hands to feed them every day…

(Female shell collector from Muisne, Ecuador)


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Los manglares se encuentran en las zonas tropicales y subtropicales del planeta.

La nobleza de la naturaleza se refleja en este ecosistema y nos brinda un paisaje de entramadas raíces donde se alberga la vida de peces, crustáceos, moluscos y otras especies. Considerados por las Naciones Unidas como uno de los ecosistemas más productivos del mundo, el manglar sostiene la diversidad de los océanos, la soberanía alimentaria de poblaciones costeras y la seguridad de estos territorios frente a fenómenos climáticos. Sin embargo, estos ecosistemas están siendo amenazados por la implementación y ampliación de industrias extractivas como la acuacultura industrial del camarón o el turismo de gran escala.

En este foro escucharemos historias de resistencia e insurgencia desde la perspectiva de mujeres recolectoras, pescadoras e investigadoras que viven en el manglar y luchan unidas por su defensa.

Este foro se realiza con la contribución de la Unión Europea, a través del proyecto Slow Fish Caribe.

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