Convivial Meal

A lunch and a dinner to save the earth at the table


Torino, Italy

October 11th at 13:00 in your time zone

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October 11th at 20:00 in your time zone

Ticketed event

A lunch and dinner to save the earth at the table

The Fa bene Community is a practice of sustainable local development based on the empowerment of communities through processes of social economy and solidarity. The local market, aggregator of communities where people meet and live reciprocity and relationship through mechanisms of exchange and gift such as “suspended spending”, is one of the first places that ignites the Fa bene processes. The Community organizes within the Trattoria decorators and painters, a lunch based on the products selected by Slow Food producers in support of local producers, responding to the appeal of the Alliance of Slow Food Chefs: “Let’s share the Earth”.

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For info, price and reservations: 0118190672

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Event languages: IT

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Piemonte - Torino, Trattoria Decoratori e Imbianchini
Via Lanfranchi 28 - Torino (Italy)

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