Let it Bean! Murgia Carsica Black Chickpea meets its mayor

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Let it Bean! is a series of meetings dedicated to the responsible consumption and rediscovery of traditional varieties of legumes, their properties and their uses in the kitchen. Let’s get to know the Murgia Carsica black chickpea!

Legumes are for many one of the foods of the future for the contribution of essential nutrients to our diet and as a more than valid alternative to meat consumption. Data from a research of John’s Hopkins University also show how their cultivation contributes to CO2 saving, to reduce water consumption and to enrich the soil. What disruptive effect could have a simple action, such as giving up meat for a day, preferring instead … a plate of beans? Let’s find out in the meeting dedicated to the Murgia Carsica black chickpea!

In the past this territory was rich in breeding and cultivations: vineyards, almond and olive groves, which were well suited to the rocky soil and often lacking of water. Besides these crops destined to commerce, peasants planted legumes, onions, which were the basis of their diet and sold in local markets: chickpeas and lentils, above all, and among the former in particular a wrinkled chickpea, very black in color. We talk about it with the producers Vito Abrusci, Nicola Nardulli, Vito Capozzo, the trustee of Acquaviva delle fonti Angelo Nardulli and Michele Sozio of Sfyn Puglia, and with the mayor Davide Francesco Ruggero Carlucci. The recipes are by Anna Iannone and Aldo Palazzo.

The in-depth analysis, animated by the projection of video recipes and by the words of producers and experts, will be broadcast online on this platform, on this page and on the homepage.

The Let it Bean! series is promoted by the Slow Beans network and Meatless Monday

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