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Let it Bean! Civita di Cascia roveja meets its mayor

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Bra, Italy

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February 8th at 19:00 in your time zone

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Let it Bean! is a series of meetings dedicated to responsible consumption and the rediscovery of traditional varieties of beans, their properties and uses in the kitchen. Let’s meet the Civita di Cascia roveja.

For many people, legumes are one of the foods of the future for the supply of essential nutrients to our diet and as a more than valid alternative to the consumption of meat. Research data from John’s Hopkins University also shows how growing legumes helps save CO2, reduce water consumption and enrich the soil. What disruptive effect could a simple action like giving up meat for one day and preferring… a plate of beans? We find out in the first meeting dedicated to the Civita di Cascia roveja.

The roveja a small, pea-like legume, whose color varies from dark green to brown to gray. Some researchers believe it is an ancestor of the common pea, while others claim it is a true species. In either case, its botanical classification is still unclear. In past centuries it was a staple in the diet of herders and farmers in the Sibillini Mountains, but in recent years its cultivation has been almost completely abandoned. Only in Valnerina, particularly in the area around Cascia, does it continue to be sown. The beans are grown at altitudes between 600 and 1,200 meters, planted in March and harvested in the middle of the summer. To tell us about it, the cook Valentina Dugo, the producers Silvana Crespi de Carolis, Simone Vagni and Manuel Sanna as well as the mayor of Civita di Cascia Mario de Carolis.

The in-depth analysis, animated by the projection of video recipes and the words of producers and experts, will be broadcast online on this platform, on this page and on the homepage.

The Let it Bean! series is promoted by the Slow Beans network and Meatless Monday. La piattella is also the protagonist of one of our How it’s made?

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