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Land of art and land of garden

“Dalla terra alla Terra…dare forma al pensiero” is the title of Pino Deodato’s exhibition at Palazzo Parasi, closing on 25 October in Cannobio. The artist leads the visitor to understand and exalt the relationship between man and nature, in its simplicity and complexity, through the use of terracotta, engobe and shapes inspired by kokedama. Within this painting, the Condotta Lago Maggiore e verbano organizes a meeting with Carlo Pagani and Mimma Pallavicini (the Master Gardener and the famous pen of greenery and nature) where some secrets will be revealed to prepare our garden and its land for winter, waiting for a fruitful spring. The correct use of the land, its preparation, good practices for the maintenance of fertility will be the topics of this moment. The good use of the land as a resource is the prerequisite to guarantee satisfaction and health to the vegetable grower and at the same time a gesture of respect towards Mother Earth and a small but important contribution to the optimization of resources.

The event will also be at Palazzo Parasi in via Giovanola  (Cannobio) and live streaming

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With the collaboration of the Municipality of Cannobio, Associazione Gabarè, Rete Museale Alto Verbano

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Piemonte - Cannobio, TEATRO NUOVO
Viale Vittorio Veneto, 6 - CANNOBIO (Italy)

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