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Kunsilba is a native delicacy of the island of Cebu in the Philippines, made from the locally grown cardaba banana variety.

Nowadays, this Ark of Taste product is rarely made, partly due to the gradual closure of sugar mills in the area and partly due to the arrival of newer, similar sweets that are faster to prepare. That’s why this cooking demonstration by Chef Sweetie Maurillo aims to encourage Cebuano people to start preparing and eating this local delicacy once again.

Semi-ripe bananas are used both for flavor and ease of preparation, because the fully ripe fruits are too soft and slightly sour tasting. To make it, the bananas are peeled, sliced thinly and vertically and then dried in the sun for about 8 hours. The dried slices are then strung along a coconut leaf rib and tied together to form a ring of dried bananas. The ring is then, firstly, dipped into a caramel prepared with muscovado sugar and, secondly, hung to drain away the caramel in excess.

Follow the live broadcast on Facebook, click here. Event organized by Aurora Esther B. Perez, Teresa D. Ruelas, Anna Liza Dala and Melissa Lagat members of the Slow Food Sugbo Convivium.

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