Kunsilba: a Filipino dessert made of bananas and molasses

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The banana is a classic example of a food misrepresented by the industrial food system. In the West we tend to eat just one kind—the Cavendish—and generally raw, as a snack.

But there are hundreds of banana varieties around the world and many of them are cooked into delicious recipes. Here we discover kunsilba (Ark of Taste), a sweet banana brittle made with molasses and the native cardaba variety of the fruit on the island of Cebu (Sugbo) in the Philippines.

Sweetie Maurillo of Slow Food Sugbo shows us the process from farm-to-fork, harvesting fresh bananas, slicing them thinly and tying them into bunches, then frying them and garnishing with homemade molasses. A typical sweet snack in Cebu, and an important part of the island’s gastronomic heritage: but unfortunately kunsilba is rarely seen nowadays, due to the closure of local sugar mills and the arrival of modern snacks that are easier to prepare.

How It’s Made is a new format for Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2020. The episodes are available—free of charge—on this website.

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