Terra Madre Day: keynote lecture on food and immune system

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London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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December 10th at 19:00 in your time zone

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Join Dr Sally Bell, as we explore how what we eat, where our food comes from, when we eat can reboot our immune system and recapture our resilience.

Covid 19 is not the biggest problem. Virus, bacteria, fungi are vital for our health. Over millennia they have trained our own immune system and built its resilience. Now Covid 19 is a serious problem. But are we asking the wrong question and, as a result, coming up with the wrong solution. She believes this is true of all chronic disease.

Maybe, the biggest issue isn’t the virus. The issue is our immunity. It is the common link in all of these diseases Our best Covidsolution may not lie with the pharmaceutical industry creating a vaccine. This is a plaster on the wound. Perhaps it lies in understanding why our own immune system is breaking down and lacks the strength to overcome the virus.

Free digital event. For additional information and to follow the live streaming, click here. Event organised by Slow Food in the UK. Part of Terra Madre World program.


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