Jonathan Franzen – Biodiversity makes love possible

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What does it mean to be a green continent? What can we do as individuals, to make the planet more livable?  What’s the correct course of action? We reflect on some of the big questions with writer Jonathan Franzen.

Is it right to begin from the point of view of climate change and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions? Is it wise to concentrate our efforts on a battle we’ve already lost? Franzen says no, and invites us instead to focus on the battle to save biodiversity. Because many struggles for biodiversity can be fought on the local level. And they can be won. Because – no less importantly – biodiversity is beauty, biodiversity is love.

Jonathan Franzen is an American writer. Among his works are The Corrections, Freedom and Purity. As well as novels, Franzen has also written non-fiction, including What If We Stopped Pretending?, which generated controversy for its affirmation of the inevitability of climate change.

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