Irpina salad with debittered olives

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The presence of olive groves in the valleys of the Ufita and Calore rivers goes back to ancient times, as evidenced by the presence of old trees, the archaeological remains of olive mills and clay amphora, and lots of written references. 

Ilaria Minichiello, manager of the Terra Madre Community of ravece olives, which unites olive producers and millers, as well as researchers, restaurateurs and co-producers, presents this variety and its characteristics, and a peculiar processing technique called debittering, done to reduce the bitterness of the fruit for fresh consumption as table olives.

It’s an ancient technique which calls for the olives to be left first in a bath of water, lime and ash, and then in a solution of water and salt. Afterwards the olives are ready to be eaten as part of a flavorsome salad with anchovies, garlic, peppers and – of course – extra virgin olive oil.

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