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Introduction to Permaculture in relation to Slow Food


Lagos, Nigeria

November 22nd at 14:00 in your time zone

Free event

Know the permaculture Forest Garden, the concept of permaculture and how it’s closely related to the Slow Food philosophy.

In this event, the Slow Food Community Badagry Coconut Heritage will welcome people to the permaculture Forest Garden. Participants will be introduced to one another and they will be then taken around the Forest Garden and introduced to the various zones and the purposes of their existence. After that, the Slow Food members will give an introduction to permaculture and relate it to the Slow Food philosophy. As a closure, there will be an informal lecture given by people who will make their knowledge available in a real human library. Participants will also be invited to explore different indigenous foods.

The event is open to the public. Event organized by the Slow Food Community Badagry Coconut Heritage.

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Event languages: EN

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Nigeria - Lagos, Permaculture Forest Garden
Permaculture Forest Garden, Environmental Education Center, Gberefu, Badagry, Lagos State Nigeria. - Lagos (Nigeria)

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