Indigenous peoples’ resilience in confronting the future

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At the same time, the pandemic has show how resilient these communities are, and the strength with which they’re confronting the challenges of today and tomorrow.

In preparation for the Indigenous Peoples’ Forum being organized by IFAD for next year, Slow Food, the Slow Food Youth Network and IFAD itself are organizing forums and presenting podcasts to rase public awareness of the situations indigenous peoples face around the world.

The members of the Indigenous Terra Madre network (mainly beneficiaries of the IFAD-Slow Food grant for indigenous youth) and the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus discuss these themes.


Morning session speakers (translations available in English and French):

  • Margaret Tunda Lepore, Coordinator of Red Maasai Sheep Slow Food Presidium in Kenya and ITM Advisory Board member for Africa.
  • Ochen Umar Bashir, spokesperson of the Toyar – Kangakinyinyir Youth Agro Pastoralists Napumpumu Slow Food Community in Uganda.
  • Carson Kiburo, from Endorois Community and Co-chair of the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus.
  • Dr. Prasert Trakansuphakon, Pgakenyaw Association for Sustainable Development (PASD), IFAD’s IPAF beneficiary.

Moderator: Dai Kitabayashi, ITM Advisory Board member for Asia and spokeperson of Slow Food Ryukyu.

Afternoon session speakers (Translations available in Spanish and Portuguese):

  • Diana Marcela Ampudia Sjogreen, spokesperson of the Fi wi Old Providence & Ketlina Good Food Slow Food Community, Colombia.
  • Julian Andrés Mojomboy Ordoñez, member of Saberes Ancestrales de Nariño Slow Food Community, Colombia.
  • Marina Ibañez, Comunidad de Pananti, Yacuiba, Provincia Gran Chaco.

Moderator: Dali Nolasco Cruz, ITM Advisory Board member for Latin America and the Caribbean and Coordinator of the Tlaola Serrano Chili Pepper Slow Food Presidium.

Organized by IFAD, the Slow Food Youth Network and Slow Food.

If you missed the the forum, you can watch it again in English, French, Spanish

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