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The recipe for hummus is one of the world’s most widespread Middle-Eastern delicacies.

The word hummus simply means “chickpeas” in Arabic, the main ingredient of the dish, though the full name is in fact hummus bi tahina, i.e. “chickpeas with tahini”.

Its ancient history have created much confusion and contest over its cultural origins: Israel claims it as its national dish, though it has likewise been attributed to the Egyptians, Lebanese, Greeks and Turks. The fact is that hummus is widespread throughout the Middle East and North Africa (above all in Morocco), with variations from region to region. Thanks to the simplicity of its preparation it’s also been adopted in many Western kitchens too, where it’s appreciated for its adaptability and delicate taste.

Today we see it How It’s Made in a Turkish restaurant, where it’s served warm with oil and pita bread.

How It’s Made is a new format for Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2020. They are accessible for free on this site! 

Cover image: Sean Bernstein | Unsplash

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