Greek indigenous cattle breeds: a gastronomic tool

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Cattle production in Greece counts four indigenous breeds.

Unfortunately, today they have either disappeared completely or have suffered a severe decline in their population. Loss of local breeds will cause cultural erosion and diminish the ability of communities to maintain their cultures and livelihoods. Loss of animal genetic resources reduces opportunities to develop rural economies. It may also have negative social and cultural impacts, given the long history of domestication and the resulting incorporation of domestic animals into community culture.

Replacement of indigenous breeds could result in the loss of products and services preferred by local people, and the conservation of local breeds must therefore be considered within the broader context of sustaining rural communities and their existing economic foundations. Among the indigenous cattle breeds is Vrachikeratiki a breed well adapted to the mountainous areas. Vrachikeratiki is able to survive in rough terrain without extra feeding: suitable for low maintenance/ poor populations.

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