Meeting the things we have in common

The things we have in common – A dialogue between Gigi Datome, Geppi Cucciari, Paolo Fresu and Giuseppe Cugusi

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Second appointment of the series Le cose che abbiamo in comune. In this episode, a discussion between basketball champion Gigi Datome, cabaret artist and TV host Geppi Cucciari, trumpeter Paolo Fresu and Giuseppe Cugusi, producer of the Shepherds’ Fiore Sardo Presidium.

The dialogue between Datome, Cucciari Fresu and Cugusi develops around the meaning of being Sardinian, about what kind of relationship the two guests have with their roots, with their land of origin. If it is a relationship of love, also based on pride for their roots, or if it is (or if it was in the past) also conflictual, if they have wanted to escape from Sardinia, if when they are far away they want to return.

We compare two distant worlds – that of those who have embarked on a career that is a dream for many young people, and that of those who do a job that is often undervalued or little considered – and we discover how the common elements are a sense of passion, courage, effort, challenge and value.

We follow the online meeting between Gigi, Geppi, Paolo and Giuseppe on the homepage of this platform, and try to discover their common traits.

We also explore the Slow Food Presidia project, which has given many small-scale producers the strength to move forward despite a crisis situation like the one the Sardinian sheep farming world is going through.


  • Gigi Datome, basketball player and champion of the Italian national basketball team
  • Geppi Cucciari, cabaret artist, radio and television presenter
  • Paolo Fresu, trumpeter, director of the Time in Jazz festival for 30 years
  • Giuseppe Cugusi, shepherd, producer of the Shepherds’ Fiore Sardo Presidium

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