From the terraces to mountain huts, from the andenes of Peru to the milpa of Mexico: taking care of the highlands

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In recent decades the Highlands have seen a disastrous hemorrhage. Depopulation, abandonment and decline, often together with hydrological instability.

Across the world, however, there are numerous example of good management, of care and love. There are lots of themese “on the plate”: mountain agriculture, which promotes local varieties as a sustainable resource; our ability to safeguard and pass down productive, constructive traditions; and human resilience, made of women and men who take care of these difficult lands, making a career out of it and even inventing new professions.

Communities from across the world compare their experiences.

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If you missed the 5:30 pm session (Italian time) of the forum, you can watch it again in English, FrenchPortugueseSpanish


9 am session (Italian time)

Moderator: Lindsey Hook (Italy), Outreach Expert at FAO


  • Anita Paul (India), National Dairy Development Board of Anand, promoter for the womens’ participation in dairy-milk cooperatives for Operation Flood, co-founder of the Pan Himalayan Grassroots Development Foundation
  • Lam-en Gonnay (The Philippines), spokesperson of the Slow Food community for the preservation of local traditional/indigenous knowledge of food inheritance in Pasil, Kalinga, Indigenous Terra Madre Network
  • Christian Kresse (Austria), is promoting tourist opportunities in mountain lands throughout the Slow Food Travel and the Slow Food Villages projects.
  • Giuseppe Pidello (Italy), architect and coordinator of Rete Museale Biellese, promoter of the recovery of the terraced landscape around the Trappa di monastery. Trappa is home to the Upper Elvo Raw Milk Butter Presidium and part of the network of Slow Food Travel Montagne Biellesi.
  • Jamal al Houssain (Morocco), founder of the Migration et Developpement organization, spokesperson for the Slow Food community for the traditional agriculture and cuisine of Serwa mountain.

5:30 pm session (Italian time)


Maurizio Dematteis (Italy), journalist, writer and videomaker, he deals with social and environmental themes and themes related to the alpine territories


  • Javid Gara (Azerbaijan), founder of Camping Azerbaijan and the environmentalist group Ecofront, activist fighting to protect the plateau forests
  • Marco Marchetti (Italy), Past President of SISEF, professor of Forest and Rural Planning and Mountain Forest Geography at the University of Molise, President of Alberitalia
  • Helda Morales (Mexico), biologist, expert in parasite management, researcher of alternative methods to design agroecosystems preserving biodiversity and environmental services, active in Ecosur agroecology group.
  • Alain Dlugosz (Peru),  Huerta de Tipón project to recover agroecological and ancestral techniques to diversify seeds.
  • Zarasisa Wakamaya Cazho Zaruma (Ecuador), young farmer, educator and cook, Indigenous Terra Madre Network member in Ecuador


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