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The nutritional value of the Mediterranean diet is widely recognized by researchers and scientists. At the base of its food pyramid are large amounts of fruit and vegetables, bread and pulses, less animal proteins and more vegetable proteins, and daily consumption of extra-virgin oil as a seasoning.

But is it sufficient to talk about “bread” in general? Are all oils the same? What are the best choices for our health? Are all fruit and vegetables as good as each other, or should we take into account the way they’re grown? Do hybrid and native breeds have the same nutritional characteristics?

Slow Food believes we have to go beyond a simplistic conception of the Mediterranean diet and pay more attention to the quality of the foods we eat, and their effects on our bodies. We should ensure that our food is natural, meaning it should be cultivated with respect for natural resources, and without the use additives, preservatives, starters, colorants, antioxidants, industrial yeasts.

  • Angela Saba (Italy), shepherd and producer of the Maremma Raw Milk Pecorino Slow Food Presidium
  • Souhad Azennoud (Morocco), trainer in agroecology, oil producer, coordinator of the Rif Small Spelt Presidium and Slow Food Jballas pour la Biodiversité Community. 

  • Nehaya Al Muhaisain (Jordan): agricultural engineer, sommelier in olive oil, spokesperson of Slow Food Women of Olive Oil Community in Jordan.


Discussant: Antonia Trichopoulou, MD, PhD, President of the Hellenic Health Foundation and Professor Emeritus, School of Medicine, University of Athens.

Moderator: Nina Wolff, Acting Chairwoman of Slow Food Deutschland

This forum is organized with the support of Reale Mutua.    



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