Food waste in catering: why measure it and how

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Measuring food waste, even in the catering sector, is a fundamental starting point for taking concrete action to prevent, reduce and manage it.

Only if you know what is thrown away, how much is lost (not only in weight, but also economic and social), what are the different reasons that contribute to food waste, you can understand where to act and what solutions to adopt.

But how is it possible to quantify food waste in a restaurant considering what happens in the kitchen and in the dining room? Which method can be used? What are the immediate benefits for restaurants and professional training centers? The round table attempts to answer these questions starting from the experimentation of the web application Food Waste Flow Balance developed by the University of Gastronomic Sciences within the LiFE FOSTER project and its training, education and awareness activities in restaurants and training centers for professionals. ENAIP-NET and the Italian Cooks Federation will participate in the discussion.

The open-access digital conference will be streamed live on the University of Gastronomic Sciences facebook page.

The event is part of the Terra Madre Salone del Gusto program.

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