Dinner on the move: let’s change the climate, starting from the table


Torino, Italy

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The central topic of the entire Terra Madre, the climate crisis – and what we can do to raise people’s awareness of this issue – also becomes the protagonist of dinners on the historic tram of the Gtt in Turin.

Seasonal and local ingredients, produced in a good, clean and fair way, respecting the environment and biodiversity. Less use of meat and more vegetables, with dishes that maintain the classic recipes of Piedmont. In combination, wines from excellent producers in the region.

-Peperone horn ox horn and tuna fish
-Lasagna of green pasta with mustardela delle valli Valdesi (Slow Food Presidium), mountain potatoes and baked leeks au gratin
-Blond Saluzzo gallinas in casserole, their bottom and the soft red celery of Orbassano (Slow Food Presidium)
-Cold zabajone with Marsala and meliga del Monregalese pasta (Slow Food Presidium)
-Piedmontese Slow Food Presidia Wines
-Mineral water from the San Bernardo di Garessio springs
-Cup coffee

Dinners are foreseen for a maximum of 18 people and the cost of a single dinner is 55 euros per person. To book click here, and go to “Discover and book the October proposals”. For more info: 011 57 64 733/750 or servizituristici@gtt.to.it. Reservations for 3 or more people can only be made by phone or email.

The dinner tram leaves from Piazza Castello, in front of the Teatro Regio.

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Piemonte - Torino,
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