Delight or Problem? The future of hazelnuts in Italy

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Italy is the second country in the world in the cultivation of hazelnuts. It is preceded only by Turkey, which alone produces 70% of the world’s product.

Hazelnuts in Italy are very popular, especially in Latium, Campania and Piedmont. They are relatively easy to grow, and in high demand by the food industry. Except that, behind the hazelnut monocultures lie the usual problems. Wild lands eradicated to be bent to human needs, large-scale use of fertilizers and herbicides, radical transformation of entire landscapes.

We need a new project, we need the responsibility of everyone: administrators, producers, technicians and citizens, that is, the entire community. From here a new model of sustainable development can start, for the environment, for our economy, for our food, for our health. A hectare of hazelnut grove cultivated in a conventional way yields up to 50 quintals of hazelnuts, compared to 15/20 quintals obtained from organic cultivation, but the two systems are poles apart. In addition, a conventional hazelnut grove requires seven or eight pesticide treatments each year to combat pests.

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