Craft beer and the challenge of the pandemic: what future?

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The year 2020 should have been yet another positive year for the craft beer sector, which had seen its position consolidated and the work of more than 20 years recognized by an increasingly large part of the public.

Instead, the pandemic seriously undermined the movement: the closure of pubs, the main market for many brewers, slowed down when sales did not completely stop; take-away and delivery were only partially able to absorb losses and had almost more impact on morale than on economies; the fact that it is still a largely niche world has shown all its limits and made even more evident the need to open up to a wider audience without giving up its peculiarities.

In order to try to understand better what the situation is and what possible solutions may be for the present, but above all for the future, Slow Food Editore involves in front of a virtual counter a group of actors in the world of Italian craft beer who, in various ways, can help us to answer the question: what will tomorrow in this sector be like?

They speak:

  • Eugenio Signoroni and Luca Giaccone, curators of Slow Food Editore’s Guide to Italian Beers of Italy
  • Vittorio Ferraris, president of Unionbirrai – trade association of independent Italian craft breweries – and brewer and founder of the Bsa brewery in Vercelli
  • Jurji Ferri, brewer and founder of the brewery Almond ’22 of Spoltore (Pe)
  • Cecilia Sciciani, brewer and founder of the Mc77 brewery in Serrapetrona (Mc)
  • Pietro Fontana, brewer and founder of the Carrobiolo brewery in Monza
  • Andrea Turco, founder of the website Cronache di birra, a reference point for beer information on line in Italy
  • Dorotea Licandro, publican of the Mosaik Beer House in Catania

The roundtable will be broadcast on Slow Food Editore’s Facebook page and on this platform – on the homepage and at this link.

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