Cooks and school canteens: an alliance to feed future generations

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Education requires consistency from educators: the messages we give in the classroom must be reflected in our daily behavior, both at school and beyond.

Talking about good practices to help mitigate the climate crisis and lead a healthy lifestyle at school only makes sense if these messages are not contradicted in the canteen. Unfortunately, the use of single-use plates and cutlery, food that is both unhealthy and environmentally unfriendly, and badly-managed waste are frighteningly common in school canteens around the world. At the same time, there are plenty of virtuous experiences of school dining out there; people who work to make sure a meal eaten at school is in itself a moment of education, where children can learn about concepts like food biodiversity, traditional gastronomic knowledge and local cultures. These experiences share a lot in common with the work of the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance. In this forum we’re going to discuss a different kind of canteen: one that’s good, clean and fair.

Slow Food Communities from across the world share and compare their experiences.


  • Jenny Devivo, USA (Massachusetts), Executive chef and Cafeteria director for the Up Island Schools on the island of Martha’s Vineyard
  • Tom Václavík, Czech Republic, manager of the Skutečně zdravá škola program and Chairman of the Slow Food Brno convivium
  • Francesco Dini, Italy, chief Operating Officer for Qualità & Servizi, manager school canteens in the municipalities of the Piana Fiorentina

Moderator: Francesca Rocchi, Italia, Slow Food Italy delegate for school canteens

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