Climate friendly lunch. To chiange climate we start from the earth! Osteria del Caccetta


Briona, Italy

October 31st at 12:00 in your time zone

Free event

The Osteria del Caccetta di Briona, together with the Condotta Slow Food Colline Novaresi, organize a lunch with healthy and local products to celebrate Terra Madre and the entrance of the restaurant inside the big family of the Slow Food Cooks Alliance.

To change the climate we start from the earth!

The climate is also saved at the table. How? By using fresh, seasonal, local ingredients from a clean agriculture rich in biodiversity, consuming less meat, but quality. Without wasting food or using plastic.

Locals who join the #climate-friendly Terra Madre lunches are committed to preparing a sustainable menu. Following the advice of the snail can reduce the environmental impact of a meal by up to 4.5 times!

Do your part to save the future of the planet, it’s not difficult, and it’s also ..good! Discover it by participating in Terra Madre dinners.

The cooks who cook Terra Madre dinners donate part of the proceeds to finance Slow Food projects that save biodiversity, improve knowledge of our food, create school gardens, community gardens and Slow Food Presidia around the world.

Paying event by reservation

For info and reservations Tel. Osteria 0321-1828067 or Tel. Luca 347-5550447

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Event languages: IT

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Piemonte - Briona, Osteria Caccetta
Piazza Generale Paolo Solaroli, 26 - Briona (Italy)

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