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The things we have in common: Claudio Marchisio talks with Edoardo Marchisio

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The first in a series of dialogues between icons and ordinary people, where retired Juventus star Claudio Marchisio meets a chef with the same surname: Edoardo Marchisio.

What can a world-famous former footballer like Claudio Marchisio, who has lived the dream of so many young people, and Edoardo Marchisio, a pizzaiolo – not a famous TV chef, but a man hard at work in his kitchen, who cares about his local area and the food it produces – have in common?

Beyond their shared surname, are there shared passions, challenges, values? They’re each commited to fighting for a fairer world, for a better future. They do in different ways of course: Claudio uses his position as an influencer to shape the political and social debate, while Edoardo is a member of Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance.

Follow the online meeting between Claudio and Edoardo on the homepage of this site, as we discover how much they have in common.

We also explore the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance project and reflect on how we can improve the world through simple actions. We can help restaurants that support good, clean and fair agriculture, and help young people who may have opened a restaurant recently and do not yet have the broad shoulders to support such a long crisis. We can buy take-away meals or, in view of Christmas, give food vouchers to return to restaurants as soon as they reopen.


  • Claudio Marchisio, former footballer and seven-times winner of Serie A with Juventus, today strongly committed to shaping the political debate around social issues and spreading ideas of positive change.
  • Edoardo Marchisio, self-taught cook and pizza chef.

Moderator: Marco Castelnuovo, Director of Corriere Torino

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