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Celebrating the women who raise the Bigawi Chicken


El Mandara, Egypt

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October 31st at 11:00 in your time zone

Ticketed event

This event will celebrate the Bigawi chicken of Fayoum, a Slow Food Presidium, and the women who raise them and who support the program.

The chicken gets its name – Bigawi – from the people of southern Egypt who are known for their trade in the animals. It is a rustic breed prized both for its meat, as well as its eggs. Bigawi chickens were traditionally raised by households in backyards in Fayoumi, south of Cairo, and are renowned for their disease resistance and rustic characteristics. These chickens are also part of an annual spring festival called Sham El Nessim, an ancient Egyptian tradition where families gather to color and eat chicken eggs, which symbolize fertility, re-growth and the new season.

The event will take place in a small remote village in Fayoum and the program includes:

  • A short presentation on Slow Food and the Bigawi chicken.
  • A visit to the women who raise the chickens.
  • A lunch of typical dishes made with the Presidium.

Ticketed event. The cost of lunch is 170LE per person. Limited seating, for reservations and further information click here. Part of Terra Madre World program.

Event organized by Dr Adel Abdel Salam, Menar Meebed and Sylvia YAcoub.

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Event languages: EN, AR

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Egypt - El Mandara, The front yard of Ms Rehab
- El Mandara (Egypt)

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