Leah Penniman – Building a just and sustainable food system

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Leah Penniman is a farmer. The roots of her story are deep, as it’s both a personal and collective history of rights that have been stolen and denied, then reclaimed with pride. Leah Penniman is also an activist working to build a just and sustainable food system.

She tells how for a just and sustainable food system has been a distant dream for people of color in the United States for a long time. How, after the end of slavery, acres of land and animals were promised to the newly-freed: a promise that was never kept. She tells us how it was often the poorest soils that black farmers were able to till: the least fertile and productive land. A constant disadvantage that has still not be rectified.

She also tells us about the long and intimate relationship that has existed between people of color and sustainable agriculture: long before slavery and forced labor, black people had a long and proud history of working with the land for thousands of years. This relationship can also be a starting point for building a truly just and sustainable food system today.

Leah Penniman is a farmer, teacher, author and activist for food sovereignty. Long active in the struggle against racial injustice, she’s the co-founder and co-director of Soul Fire Farm in Grafton, New York, a project led by people of color who work to dismantle racism in the food system every day.

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