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A dough made of biga and poolish

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Bra, Italy

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January 22nd at 17:00 in your time zone

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We welcome back the tutorial videos produced in collaboration with Agugiaro & Figna Molini, discovering the secrets of flours and doughs. The protagonist today is Paolo Spadaro, who demonstrates a dough made of biga and poolish.

The flour used in this dough is semolina, or type 2, fermented for 16 hours at a temperature of 18°C. Biga is a dry preferment which normally has a water content of around 44-45% – but 50% in the case of our recipe, where we’re using a bran-rich flour. It’s much more lactic compared to a classic preferment and is very close to what we call sourdough. Poolish, on the other hand, has a more notable acidity, which is also what gives the dough its elasticity.
What will we use this dough for? To make a delicious pizza topped with stracchino cheese, marinated radicchio, anchovies and roast turkey.

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