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Banduma & Tirit – history of 2 local dishes from Kastamonu

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Kastamonu, Turkey

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October 31st at 19:00 in your time zone

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On Friday the 31st of October, the Slow Food community in Kastamonu will celebrate two very important dishes of the Turkish cuisine: Banduma and Tirit, that local women will cook together and serve to guests.

Banduma pastry is one of the most important dishes of Kastamonu. It consists of phyllo dough, which is first baked, cut into pieces and then soaked in turkey stock and then in melted butter, before being placed in a large pan in a circular way, leaving a whole in the middle. Boiled turkey is placed in the middle of the pan, and then served hot. Tirit is a very old and traditionally poor dish. Leftover bread and simit (bagels) are cut into pieces and warm bone stock is slowly poured on top. Garlic yogurt, minced meat and melted butter are then add on top of it before serving it to guests. During the event, a video with English subtitles will be projected to explain how the products are made.

Free digital event, fur further information visit the Slow Food Kastamonu Facebook page. Click here to watch the video of the two recipes. Event organized by the Slow Food Kastamonu Community.

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