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Around the world in a square: Porta Palazzo. Special Morocco.


Torino, Italy

February 13th at 10:00 in your time zone

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Migrantour walks are intercultural itineraries of responsible tourism designed and accompanied by citizens of migrant origin to guide tourists, fellow citizens and students to discover the world around them.

The Migrantour project, born in Turin in 2009 from an idea of Viaggi Solidali, is now active in 16 European cities, from Turin to Catania, from Rome to Paris, passing through Lisbon and many others, with the aim of fostering the integration of new citizens by promoting mutual understanding and respect. Around the world in a square: Porta Palazzo. Morocco Special. At Porta Palazzo, Europe’s largest open-air market, distances disappear and on this occasion you will be transported to Morocco. What products are used to cook couscous? What is a tajine? How is mint tea, a symbol of welcome and hospitality, prepared and served? What is Halal slaughter? These and many other ingredients will reveal the secrets of Moroccan cuisine.

Event subject to booking.

Cost: 15 euros per person. Children under 12 free

Info and booking required: || tel. 342.3998171

Event organised by Viaggi Solidali -Migrantour

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Event languages: IT

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Piemonte - Torino, Turin
Porta Palazzo - Incontro alle Porte Palatine - Torino (Italy)

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