Andrea Pieroni – Why should we care about ethnobotany?

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Maybe we don’t realize it, but ethnobotany is an important part of our lives, because it’s the science that studies the complex relations between humans and plants.

These ancient relations were established long before the birth of science. Ethnobotany has existed since prehistoric times, from the beginnings of our relationship with the vegetable world, in terms of species and ecosystems. For gastronomy the theme is extremely relevant because the majority of tastes that exist in our cuisine come from vegetable ingredients and specific components they have which give us flavor and aroma: so-called secondary metabolites.

And there’s more. Ethnobotany regards traditional knowledge, local communities and all the great complexity that exists around this knowledge. This goes beyond merely identifying and understanding of plants, their classification, use, processing… to how we enjoy them. Ethnobotany is a science, but it’s also knowledge present in our everyday lives. It has a deep bond with gastronomy. That’s why we should care.

To explain ethnobotany we present the Dean of the University of Gastronomic Sciences and Professor of Plant Biology, Andrea Pieroni. The main areas of study of Professor Pieroni are minorities, diasporas and cultural and geographic boundaries in the Mediterranean, the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Food Talks are new and freely accessible format of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto: ten minutes for our guests to explore their thoughts on the world we live in, and the future we want for it. The full episode with Andrea Pieroni will be released on December 9.

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