Afro-descendant in the Americas: the protection of traditions and food biodiversity

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The afro-descendant communities in the Americas are named and self-named in different ways: Afro-descendant, Afro-Latin American, black, negros, quilombolas, raizales, etc.

A series of meetings and forums to listen to these communities, to learn from them about their cultures, their mixed heritages, and their resistance which, over centuries, has allowed them to co-create and protect food biodiversity and flourishing cultures overflowing with pride.


Amanda Cortez (Ecuador), member of the Esmeraldas Blue Crab Slow Food Presidium.

Jucilene Viana (Brazil), member of the Slow Food Community Recolectora de ostras del Recôncavo Baiano.

Ana Copete, Director of the Festival Petronio Alvarez: Festival de Música del Pacífico, promotor del Viche/Biche del Pacífico

Maestro Onésimo, producer of Viche/Biche de Nariño

Marcela Ampudia (Colombia), member of the Slow Food Fi Wi Old Providence & Ketlina Good Food Community supporting the Providencia Balck Crab Slow Food Presidium.

Moderator: Ángela María Arango Blanquiset (Colombia), Fundación ACUA | Activos Culturales Afro.


Event organized by IFAD, the Slow Food Youth Network and Slow Food.

If you missed the forum, you can watch it again in Portuguese, Spanish


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