Adobong Manok: Chicken with cherries and cinnamon

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Lots of dishes have influences that are expanded and enriched over the years as the dish itself evolves. That’s the case with Adobong Manok, a chicken dish served with cherries and cinnamon from the rain forest of Cebu, in the Philippines, a recipe that bears the influences of different cultures.

The name of the dish, for example, comes from the Spanish verb “adobar”, or “to marinate”, testifying to the presence of that Empire in these islands between the 16th and 17th centuries. The soy sauce, on other hand, was introduced by Chinese traders later on. Cooking the dish in clay pots, meanwhile, and the use of native cinnamon and wild cherries are 100% Filipino in origin.

Our friend Sweetie Maurillo guides us through the forests to show us where the ingredients come from, then shows us how to cook it. Our chicken must always be organic and free range: they have much better flavor and nutritional properties!

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