Be Part of Terra Madre!

This year, Terra Madre will happen in every corner of the planet. We are excited to unite our global networks and communities to make this the best and most inclusive Terra Madre ever!

We are inviting the Slow Food network to contribute good, clean and fair events to the Terra Madre 2020 programming, both with digital events and in-person gatherings. Terra Madre will highlight the good work that you are doing, and invite new people to join the global movement. Here’s how:

  1. Connect to the event theme. How does your food connect with our planet and our future?
  2. Define your goal. Which Slow Food goal are you matching? 1) promote biodiversity and sustainable food systems 2) educate the wider world, 3) advocate for Slow Food in the public or private sectors. 
  3. Decide on the type of your event:
    • Conferences 
    • Forums
    • Food Talks
    • Taste Workshops
    • Dinners or other social meals
    • How It’s Made
    • Educational activity for schools and families
    • A visit to local producers
    • A meetup of producers, chefs, youth and others
    • Your own creative combo! 
  1. To register your event write to
  2. Host your event! Use #TerraMadre or #SlowFoodforChange on any social media posts.
  3. Measure the impact by submitting a simple survey.

Now, more than ever before, we need to unite and act together as one: a worldwide, grassroots organization working to save local food cultures, and put the spotlight on the importance of ecosystems beyond political borders. Let’s work together for good, clean and fair food for all. For any questions or additional information, please write to


  • Conferences are discussions among a small panel of experts on a specific topic with an audience and a Q&A session at the end.
  • Forums are wider conversations among a large group of people with knowledge of a similar topic, where everyone is invited to share their experiences and solutions to common problems.
  • Food Talks: Short videos on specific issues by educators and producers who offer their vision of the environment, agriculture and food.
  • Taste Workshops: educational tasting experiences where you taste a range of foods or drinks together at the same time, with the producers or other experts there to tell the stories behind what the audience is tasting.
  • Dinners or other social meals: any event where people share a meal!
  • How It’s Made: explanatory videos, whether streamed live or pre-recorded, where a food producer or cook explains a technique or recipe.
  • Educational activity for schools and families: this could be anything from a visit to local producers, a cooking demonstration, or whatever creative idea you have in mind.

If you take part in one of our events, please help us improve future events by taking part in this short survey.